Are you a photographer that wants to volunteer?

We are in a process of building this website.  The full directory should be up and running very soon.  If you are interested in donating your services to provide free senior pictures to kids in foster care please fill out a contact form so we can reach out to you when the directory is ready.

Foster Parent or Child in Foster care?

If you are a foster parent or a foster child in Des Moines, Iowa area and would like a free senior session, please contact us for more information

Free Senior Pictures for kids in foster care

This website was registered by a different photographer a while back.  I truly believed in the mission of the site since, as a photographer, I firmly believe that everyone should have senior pictures.  Often children in foster care cannot afford senior pictures and have to go without them.  That is why I added my name to this directory.

I went to visit the directory recently and realized that domain was expired and not renewed.   At this point, I decided to register it again and rebuild a website.  I am building a nationwide directory of photographers that will offer free senior pictures for kids in foster care.

In a meantime, if you are a foster parent or a foster child in Des Moines, Iowa, please contact me for a free senior session (I am only able to provide a limited amount of these sessions, but please contact me for information).  To contact me please fill out this form:

If you are a photographer wanting to be added to the directory please complete the form on this page:

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